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    About Us

    The story of Go Places CA started 2 million years ago with the early expansions of archaic humans out of Africa during the Upper Paleolithic.

    Since then millions of people traveled around the world and we believe a call to travel is in our genes.


    We travel because we need to, because distance and difference are the secret tonic of creativity. When we get home, home is still the same. But something in our mind has been changed, and that changes everything.

    Our Mission is to inspire people to travel and to spread its importance. Each and every day we feature breathtaking destinations, painstakingly chosen by our team, on the Instagram page: Go Places and on our Travel Journal. It is being done to inspire people, to show them places they didn’t know about, to dare them to break out of the usual routine.
    Thousands of followers chose to follow us there.

    People may choose not to travel because of different reasons. While other people, also choose to travel despite the very same reasons. People travel with infants, people travel without money, people travel alone and barriers are created in our heads by our own selves. 

    We met those like you and heard stories when somebody comes back from a journey and does things different, and starts doing what they always wanted to do but put away, and becomes what they wanted to be, and changes their life for good. And that is what we desire for you.

    As Go Places CA grows we want to expand the scale of our activity. We want travelling to be accessible, we want it to be cheap, we want everyone to visit their dream destination. Join us on Instagram, read our Blog, stay with us if you share the same values.

    To save you the hustle of travel preparations, our team builds the Collection of Weightless and Durable Travel Essentials. It will take your travel experience to a higher quality level. Just go ahead and check those items you will love on our website.

    We serve customers around The World 🌏 while as a brand we are proud to be Canadian 🇨🇦 with our main office in Toronto. That also means we exercise Canadian high standards of service and quality!

    And now without further ado let us say this - Let’s Go Places!

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    Yeah, We're the Best.


    Feels Good, Right?


    Feels Good, Right?